About us

Nustanza Truck

Nustanza Nigeria Limited is a Private Limited Liability Company incorporated in 2008 with RC 728247 to carry on various business including but not limited to Haulage and Logistics, Oil and Gas and General Services with a view to filling the gap that was noticed in the industry and also helping to meet the nation’s growing demand for energy.

The company started operation as a small investment outfit engaged in Haulage services with just one vehicle and hired vehicles. Company has recorded more than a modest growth. Today the company can boast of over 100 trucks in its fleet with over 70 brand new fleets included.

Our company is a team of young, intelligent, innovative, creative, dynamic and seasoned professionals in the execution of various services to our customers in line with the specification and established framework of the industry. To carry out this, we adopt modern day technology in generating and delivery better and avoidable services to our numerous clients. We assure our clients an outstanding, reliable and safe service with cost effectiveness and satisfaction.

Nustanza Nigeria Limited has over time carved its niche and has become a premium haulage service provider in Nigeria. During the initial phases of reengineering, the operations were focused on provision of haulage support to various suppliers on cash and carry basis with a view to aiding their growth. However, with focus on expanding the operations to include logistics support for structure companies which has aided the company’s rapid growth. Today, approximately 80% of its revenue comes from the structured organization.

We are striving for excellence in everything we do, driven by a sense of urgency and a wish to meet all your needs. This personal features are our corporate signature.

Nustanza is committed towards making the most of our scale experience and passion, we will build the global leader in logistics. Our aim is to become our customers and employees first choice worldwide.

We believe that logistics, oil and gas will play a pivotal role in the nation’s economics growth and development. Our role is to ensure that we deliver them effectively and efficiently according to our clients standard and specifications at a reasonable price

Nustanza Nigeria Limited has built its business on a clear commitment to acting with integrity. Our core value for honesty, integrity and respect for people are central to our operations. We employ a most diverse group of people and value the benefits this brings. We respect the human right of our employees and strive to promote them with safe working condition, promote the development of their talents and give them channels to report concerns.